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Pine nuts (chigoza)

Pine nuts wholesale

If one opens a ripe pine nut cone, inside he will see cream colored seeds in brown peel. They are called nuts because of their specific form and taste, and due to containing a certain class fatty acids and vitamin E. This unique product has multiple useful properties, and it is proved that nuts of Siberian pine don't cause allergy. They may help to:

  • Improve metabolism and digestion;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Heal gastric and stercoral ulcers, when eaten regularly;
  • Prevent cold-related diseases;
  • Clear the skin pores;
  • Improve eyesight, because Siberian pine nuts contain polynonsaturated omega acids and vitamins B1, B2, B12, E, which are necessary for all abovementioned results.

Seeds of Siberian pine cones are widely used in cookery. Their astringent taste perfectly accompanies salads from arugula, garden cress, cabbage, they are good with fish dishes and are used in baking. Siberian pine nuts are used in medicine, in particular, in homeopathy.


Our own production

We produce Siberian pine kernel on our own – we carry out full-cycle production.

Any amounts

We always have stocks of prepared Siberian pine nuts in our storage to satisfy the requests of all customers.

Quality packaging

All production is packaged in high quality containers – even during prolonged storage the pine nuts won't lose their healing force.


Мы осуществляем доставку по всему миру - свяжитесь с нашими менеджерами и они проконсультируют Вас по всем вопросам сотрудничества.

Properties of Siberian pine seeds:

Legislative requirements
Specifications and technical documentation TR CU 021/2011, TR CU 022/2011, GOST 31852-2012
Developed on the basis of GOST 31852-2012 Peeled nuts of Siberian pine. Technical specifications.
Touch requirements and touch assessment
Appearance Whole kernels (mass fraction of the broken peeled pine nuts ** no more than 10%), normally developed
Color Color from ivory to dark ivory or dark yellow
Texture Crackling, not viscous
Smell, taste Typical of Siberian pine nuts, without foreign taste or smell
Nutrition value in 100 g of product
Proteins 15,5 g
Carbohydrates 28,0 g
Fat 56,0 g
Energy value 678 kcal / 2839 kJ
Physical and chemical parameters
Kernel humidity, %, not exceeding 4-6
Mass fraction of foreign inclusions, %, not exceeding 0.7
Mass fraction of the spoiled peeled Siberian pine nuts *, %, not exceeding 1.5
Mass fraction of the broken peeled Siberian pine nuts **, %, not exceeding 10
Mass fraction of the shrunk peeled Siberian pine nuts, %, not exceeding 1
Mass fraction of kernels of nuts of other types and origin, %, not exceeding 15
Presence of alive pests (insects or their larvae) Is not admissible
* In peeled nuts presence of alive and/or dead insects and other pests, their waste products and mouldy kernels visible to the naked eye, is not admissible. When necessary, optical devices with the required increase are used. In case of using more than tenfold optical increase it is fixed in the test report.
** The indicator includes fractions of kernels.
Safety parameters
Colibacillus group bacteria (coliforms) in 0,01g Are not admissible
Pathogenic microorganisms, including salmonellas, in 25 g Are not admissible
Mold, UFC/g, not exceeding 1х10(3)
Aflatoxin B1, mg/kg, not exceeding 0,005
Specific activity of caesium-137, Bq/kg, not exceeding 200
Specific activity of strontium-90, Bq/kg, not exceeding 100
Lead, mg/kg, not exceeding 0.5
Arsenic, mg/kg, not exceeding 0.3
Cadmium, mg/kg, not exceeding 0.1
Mercury, mg/kg, not exceeding 0.05
Aldrin Is not admissible
Heptachlor, mg/kg, not exceeding No more than 0.007
Hexachlorocyclohexane, mg/kg, not exceeding 0,5
DDT and its metabolites, mg/kg, not exceeding 0,15
Genetically modified organisms Are not contained
Possible allergens Individual intolerance
Packaging/ Marking/Storage/ Storage life
Packaging/ Marking Peeled nuts of Siberian pine (kernels) are packed into vacuum packages weighting from 300 g to 5 kg, or into packages without vacuum weighting 250 g or 90 g, which are then packed in a corrugated box, with net weight of 1 packing unit no more than 15 kg. Accurate marking in Russian and Kazakh languages is made on each packing unit according to TR CU with indication of: name and address of the manufacturer, product name, net weight, date of production, expiration date, storage conditions.
Requirements for transportation The product can be transported in the covered vehicles according to the rules of goods transportation, actual for the corresponding type of transport, with observance of storage conditions.
Storage conditions In the closed packages, in the clean and ventilated storerooms, not infected with pests and without foreign smell, at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C, far from sun lights, with relative air humidity not exceeding 70%.
Storage life 12 months from the date of production, in the closed package, with observance of storage conditions. When packed in packages without vacuum the expiration date comes after 6 months. The product’s storage life at the time of arrival to the warehouse must not exceed 1/3 of total storage life period.

Advantages of Siberian pine nuts (chigoza) before other nuts

  • Siberian pine nuts are easily acquired by an organism and can be consumed by children from 3 years and pregnant women;
  • They do not cause allergy neither in the form of kernels, nor in the form of oil;
  • Have unique delicate aroma of pine
  • Normalize activity of blood system, digestive and nervous systems and help to treat even diseases that medicines don't cope with;
  • Are high caloric (673 kcal / 100) and can be used as a component of dietary dishes as nutritious, but easily acquired ingredient.

Buy wholesale seeds of Siberian pine

This decision will without doubt be beneficial for you because the stock of nuts will last for long and the effect of long-term consumption will be visible! Our company carries out selection and packing of an ecologically clean product. There are several packing options:

  • Retail packing with company’s TM
  • Vacuum packing of 500 g, 1 kg, 3kg or 5 kg;
  • The cardboard container of 15 kg with the product in vacuum packages inside.

The advantages of our packing method are in keeping nuts’ useful properties safe from humidity, sunlight, chemicals, etc. In packages with dense sides the nuts keep their form well and don't crumble during transportation. Besides, the product’s consistence and uniformity can be assessed through a transparent window. In such packages Siberian pine nuts keep their oiliness and nutritious properties during a prolonged period of storage.

We have arranged full-cycle production, according to the license, and at the moment we are the leaders in the list of suppliers of pine nuts from Siberia. Therefore we offer our customers low prices, fast delivery to all regions and several forms of payment at customer’s choice.

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