Siberian Pine Nut Kernel

Minimum order is 600 kg.
19.30 $/kg

Pine nuts are an excellent product for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Siberian pine kernels are a fatty product (about 60% oils) and are also rich in protein, sugars, starch, fiber and vitamin C. Tinctures are prepared from pine nuts to help with gout, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, arthritis. You would be surprised, but the popular turpentine balsam is also a product of pine processing. Only not from the seeds, but from the resin.

Harvesting and storage of pine nuts

We are a proven company that has been collecting, processing and exporting Siberian pine kernels for several years. Since the product is very capricious, it cannot be stored in a humid environment and in warm rooms. Peeled kernels not only lose their useful properties, but also change their taste if they do not comply with GOST. The kernels themselves should be moderately moist, not overdry, sweet to the taste. If not stored properly kernels become bitter, have the taste of mold.

It is important to us that our product was of the highest quality, so we comply with all specifications and have a number of documents confirming the safety of the product.

Requirements for quality and safety of cedar kernels, and all nuts in general, in accordance with GOST are very serious, and we comply with them:

  1. They should be harvested in ecologically clean regions of the country where the content of toxic elements, heavy metals and mycotoxins in the soil and plant raw materials does not exceed permissible norms.
  2. We analyze each batch for chemical-physical elements and microbiological indicators.
  3. We provide appropriate documents on the quality of pine nuts.

We work for export and are one of the major suppliers of vegetable raw materials and taiga products. All goods are delivered in hermetically sealed packages. During transportation we strictly observe the temperature regime.

Which is more useful - peeled kernels or in the shell

Peeled Siberian pine nuts are perishable products and have a short shelf life. Yes, the unpeeled kernels retain all the value of the product longer, but because of their small size and very strong shell, it is very difficult to peel the nuts at home. To collect 100 grams of the most valuable seeds, it is necessary to spend several hours. And there is a risk that in this peeled handful will be the remains of the shell, which is very sharp, tough and rough.

Peeled kernels do not lose their useful properties, they are immediately usable. We carefully clean kernels of cedar nuts and deliver without unnecessary impurities and garbage - there are no needles, cone scales and sepals, the remains of the crushed shell.

All kernels are soft, without spoiled and moldy kernels.

Features of Siberian pine

The Siberian cedar itself is considered a pharmaceutical tree. It lives 350-400 years and sometimes even longer. Every part of the Siberian pine is considered useful and is used in the creation of medicinal, cosmetic products. And the seeds we love so much are no exception. The seeds are medium-sized, egg-shaped (about 10 mm long and 5-10 mm wide). If you are looking for larger pine nut kernels, choose the Korean pine variety.

The cost of peeled Siberian pine kernels directly depends on the degree of processing of the cones, the complexity of collection and storage. You will be surprised, but the cedar nut does not begin to bear fruit until 50-70 years. It takes a lifetime for this valuable and tasty product to appear on your table.