Dictamnus dasycarpus root

Minimum order is 600 kg.
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We are one of the largest collectors and suppliers of herbal raw materials.  Ash root (aka white ash) is often used to treat fungal lesions of the skin and feet, and is also used for prolonged diarrhea and to remove stones from the kidneys and bladder. Collection and preparation of raw materials for export requires compliance with strict GOST requirements. Since the plant (stems, leaves, inflorescences) are poisonous, the collection of the root system is done in protective suits - mask, gloves. Preparation of raw materials is done in the period: either in early spring or late fall, while flowering plants, hot or dry weather does not affect the quality of the root itself.

Our company strictly observes all technical conditions, thoroughly drying the roots at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

We are one of the few companies in the country that work for export and have all the necessary export licenses. Plant raw materials are collected in environmentally clean areas, are analyzed, there are all the necessary documents.

Ash root is cleaned before drying from dirt and top layer, cut lengthwise. Ready raw materials are stored in a dark, well-ventilated room, avoiding the development of pathogenic microflora, fungal spores and high humidity. Physico-chemical parameters and the content of heavy metals - within normal limits. Raw materials are stored and transported in hermetically sealed packages in accordance with the rules of cargo transportation.

Useful properties of ash root

  • Decoctions are used as lotions for fungal skin diseases. Tinctures destroy scabies mite, eliminate rashes and itching. Ash root is a natural antiseptic.
  • The decoction tastes bitter, and all because of the tannins. Working as a diuretic, this plant helps with digestive disorders - with flatulence, with slow absorption.
  • Since Ash root is an antiseptic, it destroys bacteria from the inside as well. In inflammatory infectious diseases is most effective.
  • Dissolves stones in the urogenital system. Effective in cystitis, with deposits of salts in the kidneys.
  • Useful for recovery after poisoning, removing toxins.
  • Decoction of ash will help in the fight against helminths.

In folk medicine, the plant is used for asthenia, insomnia, fatigue and epilepsy. Infusions and decoctions perfectly tone the body, energize and make you awake. It is believed that Ash root can be an excellent substitute for caffeinated drinks, but is undeservedly avoided because of its bitter taste.