Siberian chaga mushroom extract

Minimum order is 600 kg.
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What we call chaga is a dense black mass (25-50 cm in size) that can be seen on the outside of trees. The fungus usually affects birch trees, but there are exceptions. This is not a fruiting body designed to spread spores, which are the final stage of life of many fungi. And a dense sterile mass of mycelium, which contains pieces of birch tissue.

Chaga likes cold climates, so it is found in the northern forests of the country. The value of this mushroom is that a good, large and ripe "fruit" is found on trees over 40 years old, but infection with chaga spores occurs much earlier. It can take about 5 years to get a mushroom the size of a human head. But the most amazing thing is that after harvesting, chaga can grow back to a large size in as little as 3-10 years, and this will happen again and again until the tree dies. Unfortunately, cutting down the chaga does not stop the infestation and it will continue to use the plant as a long term food source.

Collection and harvesting in accordance with GOST

The chaga mushroom, which resembles a lumpy lump of burnt charcoal, is a super fungus that has been used for centuries by northern peoples, including the Khanty people. But they used it whole, collecting and drying the mushroom in chunks. Chaga has a dense and hard shell, which can only be removed by soaking in water or alcohol.

We provide chaga mushroom in several types: dried chunks, processed crushed mushroom, chaga extract.

Our company is engaged in the collection and processing of plant raw materials in large quantities. We provide a full package of documents, readiness to work for export.

Chaga mushroom is collected in the north of Russia, in ecologically clean forests.

Chaga extract: what it is, benefits

Chaga extract is a highly concentrated powder obtained by hot water extraction. This powder contains the maximum amount of antioxidants and is a popular dietary supplement.

For example, chaga tea is made from dried and pulverized mushroom. If properly brewed, it has a pleasant taste and has a positive effect on health, but the concentration of biologically active substances in such a drink will be insignificant.

The extract wins on all parameters. And it is absolutely safe for health, if you take it in the recommended amounts.

Siberian chaga extract is not a medicinal product. Our company presents certificates of analysis of the physical and chemical properties of the product, which indicates the safety of the mushroom. We guarantee that our chaga is wild-grown.

Artificially grown mushroom does not contain melanin (chromogenic complex), the most important property of wild-growing chaga. Real plant raw material should contain a set of humic acids, at least 40% of chromogenic complex, polyphenols, flavonoids, trace elements.

Is it true that chaga extract contains betulinic acid?

We sell only real, organic product made from 100% Siberian chaga mushroom. Betulinic acid in the extract is contained in a negligible amount, as the source of betulin itself is bark and resin of the birch tree. Yes, chaga itself is one of the best naturally occurring antioxidants in the world.

We are in favor of honesty: the process of processing betulin and extracting acid from this substance is a long, laborious and expensive process. No company will sell it for private use (pharmaceutical companies do that).