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Pine nut pomace

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Pine nut pomace is formed after the oil is pressed from the pine nuts by the cold method. Pomace is a small crumb or flakes, and if you grind it, you get flour. Despite the fact that the pine nut oil was squeezed, all the vitamins and minerals remain in the meal. A quarter of cedar oil also remains in it, therefore, according to its properties, the pomace can be equated with nuts.
The taste of cedar oilcake is sweet and resinous, a little bitterness is felt, but the aroma is as pleasant as that of a nut. Despite its nutritional value, this product is considered dietary and very useful. The composition of pine nut pomace includes vitamins of groups B, A, E, as well as trace elements and macrocells. It contains 40% protein and 25% cedar oil. The rest is fiber (5%) and easily digestible carbohydrates and glucose (3%).
It is interesting that in cedar meal there is even iodine, the daily norm of which for an adult is 0.2 mg. In a pine nut it is about 0.58 mg. Therefore, pine nuts, as well as its dry version - cake, can be considered a real vitamin-mineral complex, which is of great benefit to any organism (both young growing and adult).
The usefulness of oilcake in some cases is even higher than that of nuts, and this is due to the fact that there is much less sucrose in the meal. Substances in the pomace absorb toxins and slag, removing them from the body naturally. Pine nut pomace is especially useful for people who:
  • have suffered serious illnesses and are undergoing rehabilitation;
  • go in for sports and build muscle;
  • suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory or nervous system;
  • suffer from distracted attention, poor memory and increased fatigue.
It is also recommended to use cedar products for nursing mothers and pregnant women, people with reduced immunity and those who want to restore the strength and beauty of their hair or nails.
In addition to using cedar oil cake as a dietary supplement, it can also be used for cleaning baths (bran can also be added). Such baths will help to cope with skin problems, accelerate the healing of wounds, pustules and so on. Also, baths using cedar oil cake are recommended for people with diseases of the nervous system. Such procedures calm the body, but at the same time relieve fatigue and reduce the effects of stress.
Cedar meal in cooking
Due to its aroma and excellent taste, this natural product can be used in baking and confectionery. You can add cedar flour in desserts or even in ice cream, from which it will become not only tasty, but also useful.
Cedar nut products are invaluable for those who want to lose weight, as they quickly remove the feeling of hunger and at the same time have only useful nutritional value for the body. Pine nuts and its derivatives remove toxins and lower blood cholesterol. For those who appreciate a healthy lifestyle - products from pine nuts are a real storehouse of energy, health and beauty.