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The benefits and taste of cedar oil can hardly be overestimated. The technology of cold pressing, which is used for its manufacture, guarantees the preservation of the natural properties of pine nuts: vitamins and other beneficial substances contained in it. Pine nut oil is harvested in an ecologically clean region. This natural product is used both in cooking and in cosmetology. No one will remain indifferent to the aroma, taste and nutritional value of this unique oil. Due to the large amount of vitamin E found in cedar oil, it is better even olive and coconut oil. Also important components are fatty acids - stearic, palmitic, oleic and others.

Cedar oil is not only rich in vitamin E, but also contains important vitamins such as A, D, B, B1, B2, B3 (PP) and B4.

The use of cedar oil in cooking

In its natural form, it can be added to salads or other prepared dishes. It is also used for frying, baking and even canning, as it not only improves the taste, but also adds to the shelf life of the products. The unique taste and pleasant aroma of cedar oil allows it to be used both for meat or fish dishes, and for baking.

The important thing is that it can be used as an additive in the diet of a one-year-old baby. Such a useful product will help the baby grow and develop quickly.

Use in cosmetology

In addition to its unique taste, cedar oil also has other beneficial properties that allow it to be used for cosmetic purposes. If the skin has problem areas, then its condition can be improved by lubricating with cedar oil. Sometimes they make whole dressings soaked in this healing natural remedy.

In cosmetology, there are even special masks made of cedar oil, which help protect the skin from wilting. But in addition to dermatological problems, this tool can also help soften the cuticles and strengthen nails.

But this is not all areas of application of cedar oil - it is also used in some types of massage. A massage using pine nut oil will improve the appearance and condition of the skin, give tone and strength, relieve fatigue and improve well-being.

This oil also helps in the treatment of damaged hair with split ends, weak and dull appearance, and is also characterized by brittleness and dryness.

To improve the condition of the hair, cedar oil should be rubbed into them and left for 20 minutes, after which it can be washed off with warm water. Of course, to achieve the maximum effect, you will need several such procedures (from 10 to 15, depending on the initial condition of the hair). In addition to the radiance and healthy appearance that gives hair pine nut oil, it also fights against dandruff and hair loss. Bulbs grow stronger, hair shines, and dandruff gradually disappears.